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Jamie Gibson Hartley

Jamie picked up painting in March 2011, after facing the threat of loosing her arm to cancer, and has already produced over sixty works of self-taught art. Her acrylic pieces range from fantasy to deep space nebula, from flowers to birds, from buildings to bodies of water. She works in all different sizes, with vibrant colors accenting the happy and serene moods that permeate her impressionistic works.

For her, painting is not only a hobby, but also a therapy. Jamie suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare, genetic skin condition distinguished by blisters, open wounds, scarring, chronic pain, and cancer. While she paints, Jamie enjoys a focus that makes her forget the painful sores that polka dot her body.

The fatal skin disorder with its constant scarring has left Jamie without any use of her fingers. But, just like in all her other life pursuits, this loss does nothing to stop her determination, positive outlook, and sincere care, which all radiate from each canvas she colors.

Jamie is also a singer and song-writer. Her first album produced is a collection of Christmas songs. Her music rings with the sanctity of the season and the worship of its Master. The second album combines a fairy-tale love story style with her unrivaled soprano voice that will capture the awe and wonder of anyone who hears.

Being a painting and music artist is only part of Jamie’s gifts. After graduating with honors from Brigham Young University (BYU) in American Studies, she put her scholastic accomplishments and mind to work in founding an international non-profit organization, The United Survivors with Epidermolysis Bullosa (USeb), to help those with her disorder become more self-reliant. Directing the charity, she seeks to help participants enjoy a higher quality of life, reach for greater achievements, and ultimately be able to give back to their communities in ways similar to her own.