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by her Mother

I’ve been thinking about the word “venerate” in regards to Jamie. Two friends (that I know of, probably more) named their babies after Jamie. Another friend got a huge tattoo with Jamie’s name on it. “Venerate” means reverence, respect, worship & deify. My dictionary says Mother Teresa is venerated as a saint. I think some of us tend to venerate Jamie, more so now that she’s gone.

Because Jamie managed to exceed expectations (sometimes many times over) in many facets of her life, I think it is important to point out that she consistently acknowledged a higher power. Never boastful, always prayerful, Jamie keeps things in their proper perspective. She consistently gives praise and glory unto God. And she realizes that He is responsible for all that is good in her life. There are many valuable lessons that Jamie teaches us. To this day she continues to touch and bless others. We would be wise to study and adapt the principles which governed her life. Her accomplishments are amazing.

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“There is no sermon in my song; the message is: I sing.” — Jamie Hartley