Camp Lullaby

by Jamie Hartley

Hush, hear the raindrops, they sing to you

Sent from angels who pray from the heavens above

The soft fir tree nettles are bending a bough

To cover your head on a pillow of love.

Sleep the water it sings to you

And the moon, and the loon tell the shadows to hide

Their song calms the billowing wind so close your eyes

While the lamb and the lion sleep there by your side

Dream the twinkle stars sing to you

Shining down a soft silver blanket so warm

The young furry creatures come curious to see

Falling fast cuddled close to protect you from harm

In 2001, I volunteered at Camp Discovery, a summer camp for kids with severe skin disorders, at camp Knutson, in Cross Lake Minnesota. There I met Brittany Woneis, a teenager with EB. I was her camp counselor for two years, but the third year I attended, she was too sick to come. It wasn't fair that she had to miss camp, a most comforting place to be, and I wanted to bring the feeling of camp to her, so I wrote her this song. I tried to capture the peacefulness, the magical healing power of the elements that surround us in such a unique setting. There are no lions at Cross Lake, but I use the lamb and the lion as a symbol of peace.

Brittany finished her fight with EB and returned home to heaven on October, 4th 2003.


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